Not Bad For A Day’s Work

Last Friday morning, I found myself driving on Highland Avenue to deliver a Shalom Birmingham Bag to a new comer who has recently moved into a beautiful retirement home here.


As I was waiting for her to answer the door, I thought about all of the great things we do at the Federation and how just this one simple act of kindness and hospitality means so much to people who move here.


When she opened the door, she immediately smiled and invited me into her home.  We sat and chatted for a few minutes about her move to Birmingham and where she had lived before coming here.  After looking through the contents of the bag and some more conversation, it was time for her to get ready for lunch and me to get back to the office. I gave her our office phone number and told her to please call us if she needed help with anything.


When I got back in my car on this beautiful morning, I thought, “I have made someone’s day a little brighter and I have made a new friend”. Not bad for a day’s work at the Birmingham Jewish Federation.


If you want more information about our Shalom Birmingham Bags, please contact Caren Seligman at



Donna Berry

Administrative Assistant